The Sunday Club

Looking to take up permanent residence and subscribe to something new? I think I might just have the fix!

The Sunday Club community focused newsletter, acting as an extension of the Little Crunch blog, shares exclusive content, life ramblings (apologies in advance) and advice for you to mull over and enjoy every other Sunday morning.

~ Think cosy, kind and casual Sunday morning vibes ~

Our community embraces the notion that life doesn't have to be busy or complicated, by simply helping you to slow down and find a little something called balance. The club also understands that late twenties life is a struggle and that most of us are simply surviving, not thriving! It's important that you to know that you're never alone here. We're going to figure this all out together and find a life we can begin feeling good about.

By subscribing to the club you can also look forward to the promotion of various small brands and blogs for you to discover and love. And, if you'd like to contribute to the newsletter in any way please contact or contact me directly on the usual social platforms. Book review? Recipe? Brand shoutout? Think piece? You name it, let's plan it!

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