I'm Kate; a mid-twenties sensitive soul, full of good intentions and high anxieties.

As an ex legal assistant now content creator and writer, I've been able to turn my life upside down and embrace life in the slow lane from my humble home in Devon.

The LC was initially formed after I had somewhat of a mental breakdown Summer 2019, with an ambition to document every small detail of my life the simplicity and complexity. The moody and mundane. However, overtime it's become so much more to me, all thanks to the fantastic support I've received online. 

If I'm honest, I wish I had discovered a blog similar to this way back in 2015 when my mental health first started to dwindle but,  five years on and I'm here now to help you. 

Don't be fooled though, this isn't your normal personal development blog. In fact, no topic is truly off limits!

Expect me to shout often that it's O K A Y not to have your shit together 100% of the time, whilst simultaneously living a slower pace of life where I mostly feel comfortable and capable. 

Through the LC I simply vow to always be your online friend, here to provide a little sarcasm, hope and truth, regardless of the subject I'm writing about. Because, I'm not perfect and I'll never pretend to be. Isn't that the whole point of personal development in the first place? 

Let's grow, laugh and, cry together. Find comfort in content and solace knowing you're never alone.

Sit back, grab your favourite beverage and dive in to the LC.

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