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Hello new friend and welcome to the Little Crunch! 

I'm Kate; a twenty-seven-year-old attempting to live a relatively peaceful existence from her home in Devon.

On the blog, you can find me discussing every small detail of my life. The simplicity and complexity. The moody and the mundane. You name it, I'll write it. 

This blog feels very personal to me. I want my audience to grow, laugh, cry with me. To find joy and comfort relating to my experiences navigating life in your mid/late twenties.

What else might you want to know?

Among many other things, I'm a chronic over-thinker, over-sharer, over anxious-type. 

I'm also a part-time healthcare worker, part-time introvert and, writer. 

Some of my interests include obsessing over Mark Ruffalo and deciding whether I love him more than Paul Rudd, bobbing around in the ocean, baking ugly cakes, and watching true crime documentaries. 

Oh, and I love bagels, stuffed crust pizza, and jalapeños. 

That's is. I think I've covered everything?

Happy reading ❤️️

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