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Poached Egg Topped Sweet Potato Cake

If you've read my most recent post, you'll understand that I'm trying to eat a little healthier and shed a few unwanted pounds. I’m having a serious overhaul of my previously horrendous food habits, through eating much greener and cleaner foods, without skimping on flavour. 

This recipe is a true example of that and is somewhat of an invention, but something I'd seen done similarly across Instagram and thought I'd try my hand at.

If you're looking for a light lunch or something easy to make this Summer, this might be a winner!

FYI - this recipe serves one, so if you're looking to make this for more than yourself I would double the ingredients...


2 large eggs
50g plain flour
1 medium sweet potato 
1 teaspoon of parsley
1 teaspoon of mild chilli powder

  1. To make the potato cakes, grate your sweet potato onto a tea towel. 
  2. Once grated squeeze any excess juice from the sweet potato and add back to a bowl.
  3. Combine the sweet potato with 1 egg, the chilli powder, parsley and flour with a sprinkle of salt and pepper.
  4. Add to a baking tray with a splash of olive oil and cook at 180 for twenty minutes in the oven.
  5. Whilst your sweet potato is boiling begin heating a pan with cold water.
  6. Once the water begins to boil and bubble, turn down to a slow heat and add a splash of apple cidar vinegar. 
  7. Use a whisk to create a gentle whirlpool and tip your egg slowly into the centre. 
  8. Leave to poach for 3-4 minutes.
  9. Take the potato cake out of the oven and serve with the poached egg on top.
I chose to garnish my dish with some baby gem lettuce and creme fraiche mixed with a teaspoon of chipotle paste, giving the whole dish a bit of a kick! 

This I imagine would be delicious with some chorizo and a large helping of halloumi.