13 May 2020

Confession | I'm Social Media Distancing

I've always found it difficult to manage my personal life vs the life I choose to show on social media, and I've always felt a horrible pressure to be present. A pressure to always respond immediately to messages and to always be informed.

Recently because of the constant stream of information and opinions circulating online, my feelings have escalated into a conscious movement to turn off all notifications and to delete Facebook from my phone entirely. 

If I'm honest this mood emerged during February when I confessed my addiction to my phone and shortly afterward I began to re-evaluate.

What I realized was that in order to have a successful blog I didn't need to concentrate all of my attention on Instagram or Twitter all day every day. I needed to plan my time better and schedule content more. I needed to adjust my mindset and put quality over quantity essentially. To understand that not every day has to be remarkable - I'm talking, fewer hours online but more worthwhile and meaningful interactions when I am. 

This feeling filtered down to my personal life too. I realized I didn't want to be a friend who was always free, always online, and always aware of all of the gossip. I don't want to miss the important stuff and I won't, but I don't need to see every mundane detail or funny meme either. It's all exhausting. 

At the end of April after a couple of weeks of stress eating and overthinking, I took a small step to make a big difference. I magically remembered that I could curate my own feed and that I had a choice in which social media platforms I wanted to partake in. 

This acknowledgment encouraged me to say goodbye to Facebook with a notion to only interact with the platform when I wanted to engage through my laptop. In doing this I'm avoiding the aimless scrolling I resent so much and spending my time more wisely. I feel so much lighter without the burden of reading through everyone's opinions on current affairs whilst trying to form my own. 

I've also had a little tidy of my Instagram and Twitter. It's been exciting to switch things up and I've found so many more bloggers like myself to engage with. In light of this, I've unfollowed some of the big influencers I've loved so much in order to support the small to medium-sized creatives producing some beautiful and uplifting content right now too. In fact, I've even introduced content I'm loving segment to my stories which you'll find me posting on Wednesdays and Sundays. 

Approximately two weeks later and I'm feeling good about my choice. My brain feels less cluttered and my phone feels like a positive place to be again. There's less noise and more clarity. I have no regrets and actually enjoy logging onto my laptop to catch up. It's as if I'm back in 2012 again.

I'm learning a lot throughout this daunting time and realizing that we're all having or wanting to amend our lives in some shape or form, especially online. We're ultimately deciding how we want to approach life moving forward with the information that we have and possibly never going back to some old habits/lifestyle choices. 

Despite living through such uncertain times, I'm finding that focusing on my blog is truly keeping me going right now, whilst avoiding all toxic media outlets. I'm certainly coming out with much healthier habits online and much clearer views. I also have a stronger knowledge of my hopes for the future and the vision for my brand. 

Speaking of the blog, I have a never-ending to-do list at the moment, but that can wait. I have more pressing matters in hand, which include eating a thick slice of lemon drizzle cake for breakfast and making sure my partners mum received her birthday flowers this morning.


  1. Oh gosh I totally agree with you on the part where you mention that you didn't need to spend all of your time on Twitter/Instagram but needed to plan your time better and schedule more! I hope your disconnect from social media goes well, and that you feel better afterwards.

    1. Thank you lovely. I'm still hoping to spend a lot of time working on my blog and focusing on Instagram, but I'm also acknowledging that I don't want to spend my life glued to my phone. It's been a productive couple of weeks getting my social media brain into gear and undoing the damage that's been done.

      Hope you're doing well x

  2. I feel ya! At the beginning of the pandemic I avoided Twitter. I've always been very strict with the apps I have on my phone: the fewer the better. This has really helped especially with time management, because at the end of the day the only apps I really use every day is Insta, Gmail, Google Analytics, photo editing tools and my banking app. The rest is just a waste of space.

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

  3. This is just the blog I needed to read! I removed facebook app from my phone and it has been so liberating. I was sick of all the negativity on there currently.

    I have been dealing with this whole situation fairly well, very much an optimist at the best of times, I try to see the positives in this situation rather than the negatives, although I am aware there are a lot of those!

    But following a post I put up on Friday about seeing my Father from a distance (We lost my Mum 18 months ago so he is completely alone and struggling with his MH) the tide changed and I felt very attacked. I spent all of Saturday morning in tears and knew what I had to do.

    It has really given me a new lease of life. I am, like you, using it on a computer only and for blogging purposes but that is it.

    Great post.

    Claire x

    1. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been struggling too and about the loss of your mother. I can only imagine how difficult this situation must be on your family, especially not being able to spend time with your father. I hope he knows how much he's loved and that there is light at the end of this. He is not alone, even if you can't be with him right now in person.

      Well done for taking positive steps in acknowledging that there is a way out on social media (Facebook especially) and deleting the app for your own sanity. I think this measure is something I'm going to be sticking with for the foreseeable and I hope we both notice a big difference in our well-being as a result x

  4. Thank you. I will certainly be in no rush to head back to Facebook any time soon x

  5. I couldn’t agree more with this! I’ve been trying hard to schedule my time better so I don’t spend hours aimlessly scrolling! I’m definitely going to take a leaf out of your book on this one �� also I had cake for breakfast the other day too it was amaze

  6. Totally relate to this, its important to remember you don't need to be active every minute of everyday but can organise to make it all more manageable x

  7. I understand where you’re coming from! I have been telling myself I need to take a step back from social media. I’ve been trying to focus more time on working out, reading, meditating and writing. 🖤

  8. Your first line when you said "the pressure to be present" really hit home with me. I feel like you've summed up how I've felt for YEARS and I didn't even realise that's how I felt. Amazing post!

  9. I get so many feels from this post because I am the same! I have really been distancing myself a bit from social media because sometimes it’s just too much! This is a fab post lovely xx

  10. Like you Kate my blog is keeping me going and keeping me sane right now! A lovely post x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  11. since i started using social media more this year it was difficult to distinguish what i should share and shouldn't and it's hard finding balance sometimes! social media distancing is just what's needed sometimes to be honest!
    ellie x // elliekblog.blogspot.co.uk

  12. I'm an adovcate for curating your own Instagram feed and following accounts that only spark joy! I hardly follow any big bloggers any more, and prefer the sense of community that following smaller accounts brings. Love this post! xx

  13. I'm an adovcate for curating your own Instagram feed and following accounts that only spark joy! I hardly follow any big bloggers any more, and prefer the sense of community that following smaller accounts brings. Love this post! xx


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