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Embracing New Routines | 4 Changes I'm Making

What a whirlwind the first quarter of 2020 has been, and will continue to be for much for the year I envision. 
Chaos has ensued as people fear living the slower existence I've been striving within for years. Fear of the unknown is a scary thing of course. We have no idea how life is going to …

4 Ways To Be Kind

More than ever before it's so incredibly important to look after our communities, show that we care and spread kindness - right now we need to maintain distance however and come up with new and innovate ways in which to do so. Here's what I've been doing and some simple ideas for you..…

Life Lately.

It's a funny thing. I've always counted myself as an introvert, a solitary being who feels comfortable living within a shell or bubble if you like. Someone who finds pleasure in the quiet moments that others may feel are mundane. 
The soft morning light beaming through the curtains. The ca…

New Beginnings | Obtaining My Own Success

The older I get the more I realise how unimportant it is to lead a busy life. I think it's fine to want an easy ride and to still strive towards your own definition of success. In fact, I feel successful in many aspects of my life.

I might not seem successful from a monetary stand point, but I…
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