Where to Brunch in Plymouth | Seco Lounge

There's nothing worse than going out for brunch and discovering that the venue offers pretty rubbish veggie options.

Fry ups just don't appeal to me - the grease, quality meat and watery tomatoes. Vegetarian or vegan options can also be equally as poor. But, if you choose the right cafe/restaurant you might just find the choice is almost endless and every dish can be customised.

Although I'm not vegetarian, if there's a good veggie option I'll always choose it and have done so multiple times at Seco Lounge in recent weeks.

Based in Royal William Yard, Seco Lounge have managed to find a delicious meat free alternative to the cooked breakfast that doesn't leave you feeling flat. Additionally their brunch menu also offers an extensive list of other classic breakfast items including pancakes and granola bowls. Ultimately there is something for everyone.

The breakfast I love so much includes one fried egg on your choice of white or granary bread, mushrooms, mixed peppers, beans, wilted spinach, cheddar sweetcorn fritters and, two hash browns. I should note that I swapped out the grilled tomatoes for some halloumi which I paid additionally for. Literally what's not to like though? If you love tomatoes I'm sure they are a welcomed addition but not for me I'm afraid. You can also add items including avocado or extra hash browns etc.

Thinking about this breakfast now and I'm ravenous.

Besides the brunch being really tasty, I should also note that the staff are fantastic too - incredibly friendly and welcoming. The service is always speedy and although, the restaurant can get pretty hectic at times, everything always feels in control.

Seco Lounge also offer lunch, dinner and cocktails. On Monday's they even host a pub quiz!

The atmosphere in general is relatively casual, with many regular customers making an appearance at every opportunity. They're also a dog friendly cafe too which I'm always very excited about.

Get yourself down to Royal William Yard next weekend and check out their brunch options. There's no way you'd be disappointed. You might even bump into me, sipping a warm cup of coffee and studying the menu as if I don't already know exactly what I'm ordering!