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Happy at Home...mostly

Alone time without feeling low is the number one priority always. Scheduling in days to myself and the excitement surrounding said day off is like none other. You simply can't beat a productive kind of 'you' day. The days when I can proudly say I'm truly happy at home.
Where morning rolls into afternoon ~ You wake up around 9, make yourself a big mug of coffee (decaf if like me you can't handle the anxiety coffee induces within you). Avacado on toast might be enjoyed if you were so lucky to find the perfect avo the day before, but peanut butter will also suffice as an alternative. 
For lunch you might indulge in a nice jacket potato smothered in butter but with spinach on the side to feel healthy ish. Alternatively, your favourite brand of oven pizza might be an option too with all the garlic mayo in the world.
You might spend your afternoon binge watching Shameless on Netflix whilst catching up on social media. A bath is probably in order as well whilst some calm…

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