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A Wake Up Call | Discussing Loneliness

In the midst of a long weekend off of work and away from my partner, I'm feeling a level of solitude I dislike. 
Being in my own company and wanting to enjoy alone time is one thing, but being forced to is another. Yet, no one has exactly involuntarily made me sit alone at home, in fact, I was actually looking forward to these four days. I prepared by buying all of my favourite foods that my partner doesn't usually enjoy including salmon, lemon cheesecake, an array of snacks and fancy bread. I've caught up with friends too, drank my favourite gin and had a lot of laughs. But, in the moments between I've felt that my brain is an uncomfortable place to be.
Yesterday with a slight hangover I achieved nothing. I wanted to get up, tidy the house, cook myself a delicious dinner, write and feel productive, but I didn't. As the hours went on my day became wasted. I wanted to shower or take a bath, but I didn't. I laid in bed scrolling through social media for hours on…

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