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Truth | I Spend 90% of my time in bed

Okay, maybe 90% of the time is a slight exaggeration, but I do love my bed - that statement has never been more true. It's always been my sanctuary, my safe space. In fact my love of bed goes beyond the hunger for an undisturbed nights sleep. This love runs deep. 
Through heartbreak, love and loss my bed no matter where I've lived has always felt truly my everything. In times when I felt entirely alone my bedroom has been my best friend. My bed knows my every truth. Everything. Over the years it's also been the surface for multiple laughs, meals, glasses of wine and serious talks among friends. Ultimately somewhere for us all to seek comfort in casualness.
Thinking back, I'm not sure when exactly or why I decided my bed was the one, but it started from a young age. My mum worked lots and my sister was the total opposite to me. She enjoyed the noise and was very much an extrovert. We bickered a lot and couldn't always handle each other. I, I suppose at some point d…

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